Best Mini Waffle Makers

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Mini Waffle Makers

Do you love waffles but lack the kitchen space for a new waffle maker? Then this article might help. We reviewed the best mini waffle makers so that you can enjoy waffles even if your kitchen is small.

Luckily, when it comes to making homemade waffles, you get to choose between real-size waffle makers and mini waffle makers. And we believe there is no quality compromise either way. There are several top mini waffle makers with compact designs that come with similar features as the professional devices. So, let’s see up next which best mini waffle makers that can fit in even in the smallest kitchen.

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What is a mini waffle maker?

In case you’re wondering, a mini waffle maker represents a similar device like the standard waffle machine. It can help you make a wide array of waffle recipes ranging from the Belgian-styled waffles to extremely thin waffles. Yet what makes this device stand out is its ability to produce miniature size waffles. These are great for incorporating in several desserts, but they can turn out to be rather enticing for children.
Of course, many people nowadays use mini waffle makers to bake the exact quantity of waffles they need per serving. We recommend a mini waffle maker for those that don’t have enough space in their kitchen to accommodate a standard machine. It is compact, lightweight, and fast, making it the most convenient appliance in your kitchen.

Top 10 Mini Waffle Makers: Full Review of 2020

1. Dash Mini Maker: The Mini Waffle Maker Machine

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

One of our top choices for mini waffle makers is the product sold by Dash. Their series of mini devices are compact and lightweight. And we believe the mini waffle maker from Dash is a must-have for any kitchen. You can make additional dishes, including paninis, hash browns, or even pizzas. So, the main features that recommend this mini waffle maker machine include its compact dimensions, user-friendly design, and fast baking time for your waffles.

Not a fan of the red color? Don’t worry. There are probably a dozen of different colors available. So if you prefer a white Dash waffle maker, then that’s an option as well.

2. Disney DCM-9 Mickey Mini Waffle Maker

Mickey Mouse Mini Waffle Maker

If you have kids (but not only), this mini waffle maker will definitely make your day brighter. Inspired by Disney, it can help you make a mickey-mouse shaped waffle. It was created from non-toxic and safe-to-use materials, so you won’t have to worry about health issues. This mini waffle maker was designed from non-stick materials and is simple to clean and use. Other features included are the illuminated power light, a useful cord wrap, and non-skid rubber feet.

Definitely recommended for every Disney fan, and to make your kids smile in the morning!

3. Senreal Mini waffle maker

Senreal Mini Waffle Makers

A stylish mini waffle maker is the one sold by Senreal. It can fit in in any small kitchen apartment, and you can even take it with you while camping. It comes with a user-friendly design, and you can make your mini waffles in a couple of minutes. What we like the most about this product is that it includes a dual non-stick surface that can offer an even cook for your waffles. As such, you won’t have to worry about burning or making your waffles too crisp. Moreover, you can make additional dishes, including paninis, hash browns, or biscuit pizzas. The exterior of this machine was created from durable metal and plastic materials. Overall, all materials used for this mini waffle maker are non-toxic and safe to use. You will need between three to five minutes to cook the best homemade mini waffles.

4. DASH Waffle Bowl Maker

DASH Waffle Bowl Maker

This is really something else. This Dash waffle maker will make waffle bowls. A very innovative little machine for people that want to try a different and interesting approach to homemade waffles.

You can even use this device to create breakfast bowls, taco bowls and ice cream bowls.  Besides waffle bowls, try to be creative with this and surprise your family with an interesting breakfast.

Overall, we recommend it due to its compact and small dimensions, being one of the most lightweight mini waffle machines on the market. It is user-friendly, and it can be cleaned with little to no effort. The dual non-stick surface will cook your waffles evenly, in up to five minutes.

5. Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

Nordic Ware Silver Dollar Waffle Griddle

Nordic Ware has been on the market for several years, and it stands out due to the attention to detail they have for all the kitchen appliances sold. And this waffle griddle will surprise you! You can make seven 3-inch waffles! The product was created from durable cast aluminum, and a non-stick finish. Thus, it is simple to use and clean. This waffle griddle can make you mini waffles in a professional way with little to no hassle. And the best part about this product is that it was created exclusively from PFOA-free materials. You can start enjoying today some interesting small Belgian waffles, which we guarantee your family will love.

6. VillaWare V2006 UNO Petite Heart 3 Waffler

VillaWare V2006 UNO Petite Heart 3 Waffler

If you’re looking forward to purchasing a professional mini waffle maker, this product might be the perfect match for you. It is an electric mini waffle maker that will give you a lovely shaped waffle in the form of a heart. You can make three deep-pocket mini waffles in less than three minutes. And this is why we recommended it for anyone who wants to have a delicious breakfast as fast as possible. Besides, this mini waffle maker has seven temperature settings for even baking. It was designed with a non-stick grid so that you can easily remove your freshly baked waffle from the device. Additional features are included for this mini Belgian waffle maker like the tone sound for when the cooking is done.

7. Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker

Babycakes Waffle Stick Maker

Did you know that you can make tasty small waffles with a colorful waffle maker? Well, this waffle stick maker is one of our top choices, especially for families. It is so compact that you won’t even notice it in your kitchen. Besides, it was created from durable and non-toxic materials, along with a non-stick coating. This means that you can clean it quite fast, while your mini waffles won’t be hard to remove from the machine. Overall, you can make four interesting waffle sticks, similar to the original Belgian waffles. And since this machine uses 500 watts of power, you won’t have to wait too much before your waffles are ready. Additional features that recommend this as one of the best mini waffle makers include the latching handle, non-skid rubber feet, and convenient cord wrap.

8. Double Waffle Bowl Maker by StarBlue

Double Waffle Bowl Maker by StarBlue

If you enjoy waffle bowls, this double waffle bowl maker might surprise you. You can make two bowls, which can be used for several desserts, including ice cream and fruits. Also, it was designed with authentic non-stick cooking plates, offering some of the most qualitative homemade waffle bowls. All the materials used for this product are qualitative, as the brand focuses a lot on providing the best for its clients. So, it is a useful mini waffle maker, no matter if you have a small or large kitchen. You will see that it can help you make interesting dishes, due to the numerous features it has. It comes with a user-friendly design, indicator light, and proper cord storage. Simply put: this is the ultimate cooking device to have in your kitchen for your sweet tooth!

9. Presto Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Presto Belgian Waffle Bowl Maker

Those who love Belgian waffles will find this device rather intriguing. It can offer you an authentic Belgian waffle in the form of a bowl. And the best part about this mini waffle maker is that you can use all sorts of waffle recipes, including the store-bought ones. It is user-friendly, simple to use and clean, being a nice addition to any kitchen. And you won’t have to become an expert in cooking. All you have to do is pour the mix in the waffle maker and wait for it to work its magic. This waffle bowl maker was created with non-stick grids for fast clean-up.

10. CucinaPro Dinosaur mini waffle maker

CucinaPro Dinosaur mini waffle maker

And if you want to keep breakfast interesting for your children, why not try a mini waffle maker with dinosaur shapes? Well, this device will get you five distinct shaped dinosaurs in less than five minutes. And what is even more interesting is that it was created from child-friendly materials so that you won’t worry about any health issues. The exterior of this mini waffle maker was designed from durable materials, while the interior features a qualitative non-stick finish. Besides, it is a compact device, meaning that you can store it almost everywhere in your kitchen!

What do you need to know before buying mini waffle makers?

As it is the case with any kitchen appliance, there are quite a few aspects to keep in mind when purchasing a mini waffle maker. Of course, you might consider this as your top choice since you don’t have plenty of space in your kitchen. But at the same time, the following characteristics can help you decide which product suits your needs best.

Waffle type
Any waffle making machine has a particularity. And this refers to the kind of waffle it will bake. Most of the devices on the market will help you make Belgian waffles, but there are plenty of other machines for classic, thin or uncommon waffle recipes. So, it might be a good idea to think ahead about what you or your family might like.

If you’re not planning to use the mini waffle maker daily, you might be concerned about spending too much on the device. Yet to tell you the truth, different brands come with distinct prices for similar products. Indeed, the professional mini waffle makers are a bit costly, but with some research and attention to detail, you might stumble upon a great deal for your next mini waffle maker.

Cleaning a waffle maker can turn out to be a tedious job if the machine is designed with poor quality materials. So, our recommendation is to consider brands that pride themselves with the quality of their products. It is best to opt for either non-stick or ceramic mini waffle makers. These are the simplest to use and clean. And besides this, there are several mini devices that come with removable plates meant for dishwasher cleaning.

Making waffles at home is not as challenging as it might seem. But you will have to carefully assess the temperature control for the mini waffle maker you plan to purchase. This feature is meant to allow you to create distinct waffle recipes based on your preferences. And, of course, adequate temperature control will lead to an evenly baked waffle.

Extra settings
Don’t mistakenly think that a mini waffle machine is a basic device. Several products today come with compact and lightweight designs, but at the same time, they get you access to all the features and settings you might discover in a professional waffle maker. So, to save you some trouble, it is recommended to research and compare what distinct mini waffle makers can offer.

Our top tips for purchasing mini waffle makers

The first thing we recommend is researching distinct brands and products. With so many mini waffle machines available online, it is simple to purchase a poor quality one. So, you can start your research with the top products mentioned above. Make sure you look at their features and settings so that you can make an idea about how you can bake mini waffles at home.

It is best to take the time to read several customer testimonials before settling upon a specific mini waffle maker. You will be surprised by how many details you can discover with the help of customer reviews. We believe this is a great place to start your research, as you will get a decent picture of how a mini waffle machine can improve your life.

Don’t compromise on price, as inferior devices suffer a lot of wear and tear immediately. Instead, choose the correct price for a product created from durable and non-toxic materials.

The bottom line

So, at this point, you are ready to decide whether or not you need a mini waffle maker. Indeed, we admit that the standard models might appear a lot more appealing. But we can tell you from our own experience, that a mini waffle machine can give you the best breakfast dish ever. Besides, all the products mentioned above will entice your creativity, as it will bake your waffles in an interesting form. Lastly, you can always experiment with some waffle recipes to improve.
Our advice is to take the time to assess your needs and expectations. With this information in mind, you will know exactly which mini waffle maker you need in your life. And don’t forget an essential fact: choose either non-stick or ceramic materials. These are the best for fast maintenance, cleaning, and cooking in a safe way!

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