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Best Waffle Makers

Waffles are so delicious that you will most likely want to have them every day. Of course, you can order some from your favorite restaurant. But did you know there are professional waffle makers to make the same quality waffles in the comfort of your home? This is the healthiest and most affordable approach to enjoying your favorite dessert at home.

And the best part about making waffles at home is that you will get the chance of choosing from several excellent waffle makers. Hence, you can make these fluffy Belgian waffles, or you can experiment and customize your own recipe. And to do that, we encourage you to check out our top Waffle Makers choices. We believe that any of these products will help you achieve your goal of making delicious waffles. Your kids will definitely love you for it, that’s for sure.

Our writers at Make The Bread do not only talk about bread, but also about quick bread, such as waffles. Let’s see which device is best for your kitchen and waffle making needs!

Buy the Best Waffle Makers of 2020

1. Cuisinart WAF-F20 Double Belgian Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WAF-F20 Waffle Maker

If you have space in your kitchen and aim to purchase a professional waffle maker, then the Cuisinart WAF-F20 will be the perfect choice for you. Overall, Cuisinart is a brand popular for its useful kitchen devices that can help you cook a wide array of dishes. And this waffle maker is no exception from their quality standards. It is a double waffle maker, meaning that you can bake Belgian waffles with a crispy crust on the outside and a fluffy interior. Also, this waffle maker comes with several interesting features such as professional quality control for homemade waffles, the possibility of baking two waffles at the same time, and an extra-deep 1-inch waffle pocket. Besides, this device comes with non-stick grids, simple to clean, and use.

2. Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker


Presto 03510 Ceramic FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

If you’re searching for a smaller waffle maker, this Belgian waffle maker will help you. It is an affordable device, but at the same time has the power to provide qualitative results. We do recommend it for apartment kitchens, as it won’t occupy too much space. And besides this, your favorite waffles will be ready in up to four minutes! Some of the main characteristics of this flipside Belgian waffle maker include a countdown timer, a non-stick interior, and a dual function base for the best baking approaches. The interesting 180 degrees flip design spreads the batter evenly for waffles, allowing you to make a crispy and fluffy product.

3. Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach 2-Slice Non-Stick Belgian Waffle Maker

Hamilton Beach is a brand known for its premium products that can be used no matter your level of experience in cooking. And this Belgian style waffle baker can make your weekends brighter! It is a user-friendly device that can entice your taste buds with the best homemade waffles. It was designed from premium stainless steel, which is why it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. Also, it comes with non-stick grids, simple to use, and clean. We do like the compact design of this professional product. And in our opinion, the best feature of Hamilton Beach’s Belgian waffle maker is the shade selector. You can opt for anything from light to brown and crispy. Moreover, there is a temperature light ready to tell you when the device reached the perfect temperature to bake waffles.

4. KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker

KRUPS Belgian Waffle Maker

For those that want to bake more than two waffles, the KRUPS Belgian waffle maker is our top recommendation. It features a system for four square-shaped waffles, along with the professional steam release to make your waffles extremely fluffy and tasty. And the best part about this product is that it features an additional deep pocket for fresh fruits, maple syrup, and any other ingredient you might want to add. What we like most about this waffle maker is the adjustable browning setting. You can select from five levels based on your preferences. Besides, this device is extremely simple to clean and maintain. It comes with removable, dishwasher friendly cast plates. The non-stick coating allows you to bake without worries. Overall, this Belgian waffle maker was designed from sturdy stainless steel, which is both modern and durable.

5. Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Cuisinart WMR-CA Round Classic Waffle Maker

Another top-notch product from Cuisinart, this compact and classic waffle maker can be used in any kitchen. It was created from durable materials, along with non-stick plates for four quarters. Besides, it is one of the few BPA free waffle makers on the market, which is why you can use it for baking waffles for your kids, too. Some of the top features of this product include the dual indicator lights, which tell you when the waffles are ready. And, as it is the case with the waffle makers from Cuisinart, this product features a five-setting browning control. Thus, if you want a compact device to bake perfect waffles as fast as possible, this product sold by Cuisinart will help you bake the traditional-style waffles.

6. Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro Taste

Chef’sChoice 840 WafflePro Taste

We recommend you consider this product sold by Chef’sChoice, as it is one of the best you can find nowadays on the market. First of all, the 840 WafflePro Taste is designed with non-stick materials, allowing you to bake up to five heart-shaped waffles at the same time. We do like that the final taste and texture is somewhat unique due to the top-notch baking system. You can customize the flavor, texture, and color based on your preferences and expectations. And the best part about having this waffle maker in your kitchen is that you can bake your breakfast rather fast. Some of the main features that recommend this product as a professional waffle maker include the advanced top baking plate for uniform waffle thickness and the built-in cord storage compartment.

7. All-Clad Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

All-Clad Stainless Steel Belgian Waffle Maker

At first glance, this device might seem rather bulky. But we do believe it can be your ally in the kitchen since it is great for both beginners and experts. Thus, it will allow you to bake waffles with a lot of precision. You can select from seven levels of shade, that have easy-to-cut sections and extra-deep pockets for every type of topping. An interesting thing about the All-Clad waffle maker is that it features a professional steam-release system that allows you to achieve a crispy exterior and delicious interior. Besides, the product was designed from non-toxic materials and a non-stick cooking surface for fast cleaning and maintenance. So, if you’re looking forward to making waffles at home professionally, this stainless-steel Belgian waffle maker might turn out to be the perfect choice for you.

8. Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker

Calphalon Intellicrisp Waffle Maker

This waffle maker from Calphalon stands out amongst other products on the market due to the qualitative ceramic-coated cooking plates. This can provide up to 20% more heat for the perfect homemade waffles when compared to the non-stick devices. Also, it is user-friendly, featuring a reliable LCD screen display. And the best part about this device is that the even heat ceramic cooking surface allows you to clean it fast. Besides, it can last longer, with little to no quality issues for the final baked product. You can bake two slices of Belgian waffles based on the five shades selector and several other features. Moreover, this is a compact device, as you can store it even vertically. This means that it is both professional and lightweight, allowing you to access the precision performance you want for your kitchen.

9. BLACK+DECKER Flip Waffle Maker

Black+Decker Flip Waffle Maker

This stainless-steel waffle maker appears to be a simple device, but we can tell you from our experience that it can professionally bake your waffles at home in a matter of minutes. So, you can make thick and fluffy waffles at any time. What recommends it as one of the best on the market are the seven-inch, round Belgian-style waffles that can make up to four delicious pieces. Also, it comes with a long-lasting non-stick coating, along with a rotate-and-cook system and a handle lock. It is a user-friendly device, useful in any kitchen. And the best part about it is that you can make other products such as grilled sandwiches, brownies or cinnamon rolls.

10. Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

If you want to purchase a smaller waffle maker for one portion, this product sold by Dash is a perfect choice. You can make a wide array of products with it, including traditional waffles, paninis, biscuits, and pizzas. Overall, we recommend it because it is compact and lightweight, but at the same time offers qualitative waffles as fast as possible. It is user-friendly, as all you have to do is plug it in and wait for it to heat. The dual non-stick surfaces offer even cooking, along with fast maintenance and cleaning. Moreover, it was created from non-toxic and durable materials, which can withstand frequent usage. Easy to use and clean, we believe this will become your new ally in the kitchen!

Frequently Asked Questions about Waffle Makers

What are the Best Waffle Machines By Category?

1. Best Mini Waffle Maker – For people with limited space in the kitchen and/or fans of smaller sized waffles.
2. Best Thin Waffle Maker – If you want to prepare thinner and crispier waffles.
3. Unique Waffle makers like this Bob Ross Waffle Maker. These can be perfect as a funny gift.

What do you need to know about buying Waffle Makers?

There are several aspects you need to consider when purchasing waffle makers besides their dimensions. You can make at home several types of waffles, but you will need a reliable device to help you. So, when it comes to purchasing online a waffle maker, it might be a good idea to consider the following features.

Type of waffle

The first thing you need to take into account is that you can make at home several recipes for waffles. As such, you will discover waffle makers for Belgian, Traditional, or American waffles. As an example, Belgian waffles are fluffy, while the traditional ones are thinner. This means that you need to consider which one you want to bake at home. In most cases, a waffle maker can help you with only one waffle recipe.

Number of waffles

The second thing you need to think about is how many waffles you need at once. Some waffle makers are compact and will make only one waffle, while others can make up to four waffles. In our opinion, for larger families, it is always best to select a professional waffle maker that can bake several portions at once.


Well, even though it might seem not so crucial, ease of cleaning is an important feature for any waffle maker. Since a waffle recipe involves a lot of liquids, you will definitely want to have a user-friendly and simple to clean product. Some waffle makers come with dishwasher-friendly grids. But mostly, you will get to choose from non-stick and ceramic waffle makers. These are some of the simplest to clean and can help you remove your waffles from the device without modifying its form.

Baking time

Well, if you’re in a hurry, you will want your waffles to be ready in little to no time. And several waffle makers can heat up quickly so that you don’t waste too much time. Besides this, professional devices allow you to reheat the product and consume it warm. So, before settling upon a waffle maker, you should take into account the baking time. Some devices might require extra time for specific recipes.

User-friendly features

Our recommendation is to purchase a waffle maker with indicator lights and sounds. This will make the cooking process extremely simple, as you will know at all times what’s going on. Of course, as soon as you get used to your device, you will end up anticipating when your waffles are almost ready.

Browning features

We have different tastes when it comes to waffle crust and fluffiness. And this is why you need to look for a device with adjustable settings and even browning. The goal is to cook your waffles and avoid undercooked areas thoroughly.

If you have a smaller kitchen, you will need a compact device. This is why you should take into account the ease of storage. There are plenty of flip models for smaller kitchens, but at the same time, there are professional models that can bake several waffles at the same time. These might occupy a bit of extra space in your kitchen. Our tip is to opt for a device with built-in cord storage to prevent tangling or any other issues.

Our top tips for purchasing Waffle Makers

Make sure you take into account customer testimonials. These are valuable information sources that can help you make an idea about whether or not the waffle maker is recommended for you.
Make sure you select the adequate device size so that you won’t end up with a bulky waffle maker with no place in your kitchen.
Make sure you research distinct brands before purchasing your next waffle maker online.

The bottom line

Waffle makers are great for having around in any home. You get the chance to make your delicious dish in little to no time according to your preferences. And the best part about purchasing waffle makers is that you can find a cost-effective device to suit your budget. We can tell you from our experience that homemade waffles are tastier than any other waffle you might’ve tried until now. Thus, why not consider having in your kitchen a compact appliance, which is both fun and useful? Make sure you follow the tips mentioned above when selecting your next waffle maker. And to help you make the best decision, it is highly recommended to look closely at customer reviews. You never know what piece of valuable information you might find there.

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