How Many Slices of Bread Are in a Loaf?

Sliced White Bread

Imagine having breakfast just like any other day when a strange question comes to your mind. How many slices of bread are there actually in a loaf of bread? The question isn’t all that strange. Of course, the overall number of slices in a loaf generally depends upon the size of the loaf itself as … Read more

How To Store Bread Machine Bread?

Storing Bread Machine Bread in a Paper Bag

When considering the storage of bread machine bread, the main question is: “why do we need to take extra measures to store bread machine bread?” The answer to this question is simple. Bread made at home does not have added preservatives that support the longevity of bread. It is made from pure material and therefore, … Read more

What Bread Has the Least Calories?

Ezekiel Bread Low Calorie Bread

Are you also looking for bread with the least calories? Losing weight is not an easy job; it is something that takes a lot of hard work and patience. Being able to find food which keeps your weight balanced is a task on its own. In today’s world we seek for fast ways which do … Read more

Who Invented the Bread Machine?

Joseph Lee, the inventor of the bread machine

Introduction: Have you ever wondered who invented the bread machine? Who was this brilliant man or woman that made bread making at home so much easier? There have been some creative people in history who came up with genius ideas making the life of their generation easier. We are fortunate enough to benefit from the … Read more

Is It Cheaper To Make Your Own Bread?

Homemade Bread

It is considered cheaper to make your own bread at home, than to buy it in the store. In this article, we will break down the costs for both. But first, think about how many times you consume bread in a day. Do you start your day with some bread toast? Do you fix yourself … Read more

What’s The Best Flour For Your Bread Maker?

Different Types of Flour for Bread Makers

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, that’s the perfect kind of bread. It’s made with the utmost precision that includes measuring each and every ingredient and mixing them properly. Life has become easier for bakers since the invention of bread machines and it requires relatively less time to mix the dough properly. The … Read more