Organizing a Successful Charity Bake Sale

In these hard times of Corona Virus, it’s wise to stand still for a moment and reflect about our lives. Nobody expected this to happen. In a time span of a couple of months, our entire lives have changed and now we’re all together in quarantine. Since a lot of small businesses have been shut down indefinitely, we should start to think more about a collective and less as an individual. Having empathy and helping those people in need is now more important than ever.

Our team at Make The Bread are passionate about baking bread, just like many of you are. That’s why we think it could be a great idea to organize a charity bake sale to help the less fortunate.

The Great Bake for Oceans’ Sake: A Case Study

Why should we all collectively start a charity bake sale you might ask? Well, it works! People have done it in the past for other causes. For example, in 2010 there was “the great bake for Ocean’s sake” charity event. It was actually organized by 2 kids, aged 12 and 10 years old. They organized The Great Bake to help save wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico. These two creative activists were searching for a way to help in the Gulf, and what better way to convince people than with delicious cake and bread? They definitely have found the tastiest way to achieve their goals.

The way it worked; they asked people to bake some sugar cookies (or other treats like bread, waffles, etc..) and sell them in their community. This way they could raise money for the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies. They even provided tips and tricks about baking the best sweets as possible and how to sell it.

If 2 kids can do this, then we believe everyone has the potential to do it. Bake some amazing bread and try to sell it for your favorite charity. Try to help people and give back. It’s the only way we will be able to create a better world once this situation is over.

How to Host a Charity Bake Sale: Tips and Tricks

Of course, the first step (getting started) is always the hardest. If you’ve never organized a charity bake sale before, then these tips and tricks will be very important for you. Keep these things in mind and you’ll be able to organize a successful charity event in no time! Also, if you want to make bread or pastry fast, definitely buy a bread maker or a waffle maker. With these recommended products, you will be able to produce a lot faster.

Find people to help and recruit early

Depending of how big your charity event is going to be, you might want to hire some great people beforehand. Almost everyone knows a person who loves to bake and would love to help you with this charity event. Doing this event with more people will also give you extra motivation since now you have a common goal to work towards.

Even people that can’t bake can still help. Maybe not everyone likes to bake but almost everyone knows someone who does. Ask your mates to help out not just by providing items to sell but also by spreading the word and enlisting their more culinary competent friends and family.

Establish the right price for every pastry

It’s important that you think about prices beforehand. Make sure all your products (whether you sell bread, cakes or waffles) are clearly labelled. Also have different price points. Not everyone wants to buy 20$ worth of bread. At least 3-4 different price points (for example 1$, 5$, 10$, 20$) will make sure the customer has enough options to choose from.

Another smart but risky way to do pricing, is to do ”pay what you can”. It’s a new concept that is becoming more and more popular. Here, you’ll ask the customer to donate any amount they want. Initially, it might feel a bit too risky, but in some cases it might be worth that risk. You’d be amazed how generous people can be when the decision is left up to their own conscience.

Advertising: Make Posters and Flyers

A successful charity bake sale already starts the moment you start advertising for it. It’s very important to do this right. People need to know about your baking sale, otherwise all your efforts will be for nothing. Besides advertising on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, don’t forget about another effective marketing tool – posters and flyers.

Offline advertising still works and shouldn’t be completely ignored. Go around the city and find high-traffic areas. Leave some flyers in shops and cafes that are near to your bake sale location. This way you might find some extra customers.

Good Luck with Your Charity Bake Sale

Definitely get in touch with our team at Make The Bread if you have additional questions about organizing a bake sale. We are here to help. We wish you the best of luck with your event.

For more information on starting a successful bake sale, take a look at WikiHow. It explains the process step-by-step. Let us know when and where you next event will be!