High Altitudes and Your Bread Machine

Bread Baking at High Altitudes

My current home in the US lies at sea level. However, I love travelling to the mountains and hike! After hiking, there’s nothing better than some fresh made bread. There are some things that are totally different while using your bread machine at high-altitude. Luckily, we understood these challenges and we are here to explain … Read more

Why Choose A Bread Machine Over An Oven?

The bread maker vs oven challenge is about to start! Baking bread is both challenging and rewarding. And since there are plenty of tools available today, the cooking process can turn out to be rather simple. Still, many people are still hesitant to use a bread machine to bake their bread. These are the same … Read more

Reasons why a bread machine is worth buying

Bread Machine Worth Buying

The debate between making bread by hand or with a bread maker is one without an end. In our opinion, both are perfect ways to start your bread baking adventures in the kitchen. If you’re wondering if you need to buy a bread machine, then we got you covered. Read this article about why we … Read more

How To Store Bread Machine Bread?

Storing Bread Machine Bread in a Paper Bag

When considering the storage of bread machine bread, the main question is: “why do we need to take extra measures to store bread machine bread?” The answer to this question is simple. Bread made at home does not have added preservatives that support the longevity of bread. It is made from pure material and therefore, … Read more

What’s The Best Flour For Your Bread Maker?

Different Types of Flour for Bread Makers

Crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, that’s the perfect kind of bread. It’s made with the utmost precision that includes measuring each and every ingredient and mixing them properly. Life has become easier for bakers since the invention of bread machines and it requires relatively less time to mix the dough properly. … Read more