10 Reasons Why Waffles Are Better Than Pancakes

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Waffles or Pancakes

The majority of people prefer pancakes and waffles for breakfast. A combination of syrups and fresh melted butter can make both breakfast options enjoyable. It’s even perfect food for a nice weekend brunch option. These dishes almost use the same ingredients, but their cooking techniques make them very different.

There has been a long-discussed debate whether waffles are better than pancakes. And the answer is usually ”yes”. Waffles are more versatile than pancakes. It’s also a less traditional breakfast option that is considered to be a delicacy.

Let’s find out why waffles are better than pancakes in almost every aspect.

1. Waffles Can Be Crispy and Fluffy

It is common for pancakes to be fluffy, but not entirely. Waffles have a nice combination of both. It’s also very easy to make crispy, fluffy and perfect waffles at home (thanks to these waffle makers).

2. Waffles Can Hold Toppings Better

The square texture of the waffle is ideal for holding toppings. Would you like your butter to stay on your waffle? Once you spread them over the squares of your waffle, they will remain there until you eat it.

3. Easier To Eat on the Go

Waffles are a bit easier to eat while walking if you’re in a hurry. It can be a bit difficult to walk down the street with a pancake in your hand. That can result in a sticky mess.

On the other hand, a waffle is crispy and firm, so it’s easier to eat.

4. Waffles are Versatile

Waffles are way more versatile than pancakes. No wonder there are so many different waffle recipes online. I’ve seen waffle recipes with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, bacon, honey, peaches, blueberries and much more. You can be as creative as you want.

5. Making Waffles Is Easier

Amateur cooks may find making pancakes a bit challenging. They can be unpredictable to make. However, you can never go wrong with making a waffle. Making a waffle is so easy that even beginners can do it.

6. Pancakes Become Soggy Fast

Waffles are the best brunch food because pancakes become soggy much faster. Your waffles will not become soggy while you’re enjoying your morning coffee. As a result, you can store them without a problem, and they will still be delicious for later consumption.

7. Easy to Share

Individuals can cut the waffle into bite-size pieces because of the waffles’ grid-like pattern. You can easily divide them into smaller pieces and share them with friends or family.

Of course, pancakes are also easy to share. So this is actually a benefit for both breakfast options.

8. Waffles Can be Used as a Dessert

Both waffles and pancake also make for a great dessert. We tend to prefer eating waffles as a dessert (but that’s a personal opinion).

It’s visually pleasing to serve waffles with ie cream. Besides that, the combination is also delicious. Eating waffles for dessert is usually a great idea.

9. You Can Be Creative Making Waffles

This is for the people that like to creative. Waffles give you a lot more room to be the creative cook. You can prepare a variety of waffles, including vegan waffles, brownie waffles and even Texas shaped waffles.

Alternatively, you might make waffle sandwiches. The possibilities are endless. You can even make waffle sandwiches.

10. Waffles Created Other Food Options

Thanks to waffles, we are also able to enjoy waffle fries. These distinctive cut of French fries would never be an option without waffles. There’s also waffle cones, which definitely changed the way we eat ice cream.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Why we believe waffles are better than pancakes. The perfect flavor of waffles makes them a perfect option, during any moment of the day. Even though pancakes are also delicious, we can conclude that waffles win in this debate.

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