Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker review

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Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker

A recurring question that keeps coming back is “what is the best bread maker for me?” Chances are that it is the Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker. This bread maker sells very well, and rightly so. Users have always been satisfied with this bread maker, and it has lots of positive reviews to support the claim.

Black & Decker has provided many innovative products for more than 100 years. They offer what most manufacturers cannot provide. And that is high-quality products at very affordable prices.

Their bread makers are no different. And the Black and Decker B2300 Bread Maker is one of their finest inventions. It is designed to meet the needs of every user. And that’s the main reason behind B2300’s popularity. 

Product Overview: Black & Decker B2300

A glance at the Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker, and you’ll undoubtedly be drawn by the cool exterior. The design of this bread maker is aesthetically pleasing. Just watch the below image and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

Black & Decker B2300 for Breakfast
Black & Decker B2300 for Breakfast

This machine can handle any recipe and comes with a measuring cup and spoon, so you can easily measure your ingredients. 

This bread maker is compact and small, making it easy to move around. It has a non-stick baking pan which allows your tasty loaf to glide out of the pan easily. This way, there is no need for you to worry about how to demold your bread without damaging it. 

The temperature control of the Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker is completely automatic. This bread maker comes with an inbuilt Rapid Bake Function for fast baking during rush hour. 

The baking and kneading times are also automatic and all you have to do is to program the required settings. And you can go on to do other things after that. Talk about baking made easy. After the time has reached, you’ll have tasty fresh bread waiting for you.

The Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker can bake 2 lb, 2.5 lb or 3 lb loaves. Usually, you get 8 slices from 1 Ib loaf, 12 slices from 1.5 Ib loaf, 16 slices from a 2 Ib loaf. You get the maths? Well done, Einstein. 

The Crust Control Setting allows you to choose between regular or dark crust. Actually three crust shades – light, medium and dark. Which one is better? You get to make a choice. 

General Features: 

  • 10 pre-programmed settings
  • Built with a Rapid Bake Function
  • 13-hour delay bake timer with keep warm option
  • Crust control setting with automatic temperature adjustment for light, medium or dark crust
  • Viewing window and sleek touch exterior


  • Efficient bread maker (according to users)
  • Produces bread of excellent quality with any crust of your choosing.
  • The Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker is very small and portable. 
  • This bread baker has a 13-hour delay bake timer.
  • Rapid Bake Function which allows you to bake bread faster. 
  • User-friendly control panel with an easy-to-read digital display. This bread maker also has a 60-minute keep warm option as well as a viewing window. 
  • Very easy to clean
  • No annoying rattling sounds (it operates quietly). 
  • Very durable bread machine


  • Long warm up cycle at the beginning

How To Use This Machine

It’s very easy to operate the Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker and you’ll get the hang of all the functions in no time. 

Refer to the user manual if anything isn’t clear. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prolong the life of this machine. 


The Black & Decker B2300 Bread Maker is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a bread maker. You get a durable and high-quality machine for an affordable price. 

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