Why Choose A Bread Machine Over A Stand Mixer

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Bread Machine Vs Stand Mixer

In our busy lives, where time is as precious as money we are strongly drawn towards the use of machines and mixers in the kitchen. Normal day to day life is getting hectic and we are heavily relying on unhealthy food. Our diet has definitely become one of our major concerns. Our team at Make The Bread still prefers home cooked, safe and hygienic food. With the help of some kitchen appliances you can still do this, even when you’re busy.

There are different mixers and machines to help make life easier for us. One of the most common and important food is bread. 

A common question between bread lovers is if they should use a bread machine or a stand mixer. In this article we will explain the difference between a bread machine vs stand mixer.

How can a bread machine help us?

In order to understand how a bread maker can help us we need to think about how bread is made. We start by mixing all the ingredients, and then we start kneading the bread. In the end, after a lot of work and baking, we get a handmade delicious loaf of bread. 

Now imagine getting that same fresh loaf of bread, but without doing all that intensive work. Would be pretty great right? That’s exactly what a bread machine does. It gives you the same results while doing less work. All that you will have to do is add the right ingredients and watch how this genius machine does all the work. 


How can a stand mixer help us?

Now, a stand mixer can make our life easier as well but only up to a certain limit. Stand mixers are multipurpose machines with a dough hook which kneads the dough. The rest of the process is still in our hands. Besides kneading the perfect bread, a stand mixer won’t do much else. This makes it perfect for people that don’t want to automate the entire bread process.

A stand mixer can also be used for different food. It can help us make pizza, cupcakes, eggs, and even meatballs. 


What Should We Choose? (Conclusion)

If you want to make bread the fastest way possible, then the smart option would be a bread machine. It takes less time and effort, and it won’t create a mess in your kitchen.

In the end you get a delicious bread. If we go for a stand mixer, we still have to do the remaining work all by ourselves. It takes more time and requires more work. It can also make your kitchen a real mess.

If we rate by effectiveness and efficiency, then the bread machine is definitely the best choice. If you don’t have to choose, we recommend buying both appliances (since both have their own uses).

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