Why Choose A Bread Machine Over An Oven?

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Bread Machine vs Oven

The bread maker vs oven challenge is about to start! Baking bread is both challenging and rewarding. And since there are plenty of tools available today, the cooking process can turn out to be rather simple.

Still, many people are still hesitant to use a bread machine to bake their bread. These are the same people that believe an oven is the only real way to bake a delicious loaf of bread.

Whether or not a bread machine is better will be explained in this article. Overall, a bread maker is great for making several loaves of bread, and it’s also more convenient than an oven. That said, many people argue that baking bread in the oven is the secret to the best flavor.

Keep reading to discover what to choose: a bread machine or an oven.

Bread machine: a new type of kitchen appliance

To be fair, bread machines aren’t new, but it’s a more recent development than using a traditional oven. Let’s first discuss what a bread machine is. As you probably know, baking bread in the oven mostly refers to setting up the oven temperature and allowing the bread to bake at the recommended time. But when you use a bread machine, you have little to no actions to take.

A bread machine is a device that uses natural ingredients for bread and transforms it into a perfect loaf of bread. It is a small device (depending on the machine, there are also large bread makers available on the market), so it can fit in almost any kitchen. Also, it comes with several baking features, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced chefs.

Bread maker vs. oven: a full comparison

Let’s find out what the similarities and differences are between an oven and a bread maker. That way, you can decide for yourself which one to choose based on your preferences and personality.

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Similarities between bread baking machines and ovens

  • Both appliances allow you to add extra ingredients or to make customizations
  • Both devices make healthy and tasty bread
  • Make affordable bread, compared to store-bought products with these 2 devices

Differences between bread baking machines and ovens

The advantages of oven baking

  • You will bake a light and airy bread, perfect for slicing
  • Plenty of space to bake the desired size for your bread.
  • You won’t need special baking flour

The disadvantages of oven baking

  • Takes more time to bake bread when compared to a bread machine
  • More challenging to bake distinct types of specialty bread, as you will have to know the correct baking time and temperature
  • Very challenging to use if you are a beginner
  • Requires manual kneading, which will take extra time and energy

The advantages of bread makers

  • Cost-efficient solution for baking bread at home, as you can bake your product without supervising it
  • Allows you to bake with ease specialty bread, as you have access to several settings
  • User-friendly and straightforward to use
  • Doesn’t require kneading
  • Simple to clean, and it doesn’t cause too much mess compared to oven baking

The disadvantages of bread makers

  • Heavier and more compressed dense texture
  • Limited space. Only suitable to bake smaller amounts at a time
  • Might require the use of specialty flour for the best results

These are the differences between a bread maker vs an oven. Our team at Make The Bread is a bit biased and we prefer to buy a bread machine instead of a new oven. Being budget-friendly and time-efficient is very important to us, and a bread maker clearly wins in both these categories.

Top 7 tips if you decide to buy a bread maker

If you’re considering buying a new bread maker, here are our top tips for bread machine baking.

  • Read the bread machine’s instructions and add the ingredients in layers
  • Always use room temperature water for the best results
  • Use fresh ingredients
  • Add dry ingredients at room temperature
  • For regular baking cycles, use active dry yeast
  • Make a depression in the dough before placing the yeast in the machine; make sure you don’t add it on sugar or salt, as it can prevent it from growing your bread
  • Pay close attention to the number of your ingredients; it is best to use a measuring cup

Frequently asked questions

1. Why should I choose a bread machine and not use my oven?

This is a common question among those purchasing their first bread machine. You should know that this is an innovative device, which can help you bake the perfect loaf of bread at home. It is cost-efficient, convenient, and extremely healthy.

Some people might even use both kitchen appliances. Starting a bread in a bread machine and finishing it in the oven renders great results with less effort overall than kneading by hand.

2. Is the texture the same in the oven?

A lot of bakers love homemade bread, but not everyone is a big fan of the texture of bread baked in the machine. Of course results can vary depending on the bread maker you bought.

The texture of bread baked in a machine is different from that of oven-baked bread (even when the exact same recipe is used). Bread machine bread is heavier and has a more compressed dense texture. While oven-baked bread is rather airy and light.

3. Are there distinct bread type settings?

The main advantage of bread machines is that they come with several options. As such, you can bake a standard loaf of bread, or you can opt for specialty loaves of bread. This feature depends from manufacturer to manufacturer, but you will get access to plenty of cycles for several bread types.

4. Are there any options for selecting the crust?

Another benefit you can access with a bread machine is crust color options. This is not possible in the oven. So, you can opt between a soft or light crust, along with medium and dark crust settings. Keep in mind that this feature differs from manufacturer to manufacturer.

The bottom line

We hope this article has helped for you to decide between a bread maker and an oven. Of course, you can use them simultaneously. The best option seems to be to knead the bread with the bread maker and bake it in the oven.

That said, our top choice remains the bread machine. It is still more convenient and faster than traditional methods. Also, it can help you bake several recipes, including those for special diets. No matter if you have a small or large kitchen, you will discover a suitable bread machine for your needs.

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