Elite Gourmet EBM8103B Programmable Bread Machine Review

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Elite Gourmet Bread Maker

Are you not sure which bread machine will suit your needs and expectations? Well, we’ve got a great suggestion for you! After testing several leading bread maker brands in 2020, we discovered some of the most professional kitchen appliances to make bread at home.

This article reviews a bestseller product from Elite Gourmet, the Maxi Matic bread maker. Let’s see why you should choose it as your next kitchen best friend to bake all types of fresh and healthy loaves of bread!

Short Overview of This Bread Maker

Elite Gourmet EBM8103B Bread Maker

Product Review: Elite Gourmet Bread Machine

Why choose appliances from Elite Gourmet? 

Elite Gourmet is popular thanks to its wide array of professional kitchen appliances at affordable prices. They distribute several appliances ranging from electric grills to bread machines. And when it comes to bread makers, all come designed from non-toxic, durable, and reliable materials. Also, there is a limited warranty offered by the manufacturer that covers factory faults one might experience.

Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic: a professional bread maker for beginners

The Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic bread machine is among the bestseller products in 2020. And this happens since it comes with a lot of reliability and ease of use. You don’t have to be a professional baker to use this device.

It is a programmable machine that can get you three loaf sizes with one of the following baking functions:

  • Basic – This is the standard white bread recipe that will get you a tasty and easy to bake bread.
  • Quick – The quick menu uses no yeast, meaning that your bread will be ready a lot faster.
  • Sweet – initially, the sweet bread recipe was all about achieving twisted bread filled with jam or cream cheese. The setting on this bread maker will get you soft and fluffy bread, ideal to be served as a dessert.
  • French – this menu bakes a crusty French loaf of bread according to the original recipe.
  • Whole wheat – this is considered one of the healthiest bread recipes, and it is usually made form special bread flour and honey.
  • Rye – when compared to basic and whole wheat bread, rye bread is darker and denser. Also, it features a more potent and earthy taste. Rye flour comes with less gluten than standard flour.
  • Gluten Free – this recipe is both gluten and dairy-free. It is excellent for people with gluten sensitivities or intolerances. Besides, it is tastier than other gluten-free loaves of bread.
  • Rice Bread – rice bread can turn out to be an excellent substitute for gluten-free loaves of bread, as it comes with similar nutritional content and no gluten.
  • Extra baking menus – Sandwich, Cake, Whole Meal Dough, Pizza Dough, Leaven Dough, Knead, and Mix

You can use either one of these programmable recipes and bake one of the three available loaf sizes. You can also select from three curst settings so that you bake the bread according to your preferences. The best part about purchasing the Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic bread machine is that it comes with recipes included. Hence, you can choose anything from basic, gluten-free bread to cake jam or even yogurt.

Other features we liked

Other features we liked about this bread maker were the 15-hour delay timer and 60-minute keep warm setting. This gets you complete control over the baking process, and you can have your favorite bread ready to serve at your desired time. You can also manage the nutrients with a lot of precision, and you can even opt for eliminating preservatives, trans fats, and gluten. This bread machine can mix and prepare dough for pizza, focaccia bread, or cinnamon rolls.

The Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic bread machine was designed with the user in mind. So, the first thing you will notice about this kitchen appliance is its user-friendly LCD display. It can be used based on your intuition, being a great addition for any complete beginner. Everything is clearly indicated, and you can find with ease the menu, weight, and timer button, along with the curst setting and start button. And we can tell you from our experience this is one of the most versatile and user-friendly bread makers in 2020.

This is a reliable bread machine created from sturdy aluminum. The interior has a non-stick coating so that you can enjoy your bread with no hassle. Moreover, the Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic comes with everything you need to start baking right away: non-stick bread pan, a spoon and measuring cup, kneading plate, and a useful metal hook for lifting the kneading blade.

Quick Overview of Features for the Elite Gourmet Bread Maker

The quick feature list for this bread machine is revealed up next:

  • Makes fresh artisan bread at home with its automatic settings and customizable controls
  • 15-hour delay timer and 60-minute keep warm setting
  • Able to make 3 loaf sizes
  • It is a reliable machine, designed from qualitative materials

Is Elite Gourmet a good brand?

Elite Gourmet Logo

Elite Gourmet is one of the best brands for purchasing kitchen appliances, such as bread makers. Very little users have had complaints about the products of this brand. Besides that, prices are very affordable.

According to Miss Vickie, there are 4 main reasons why this brand is high-quality. The first reason is the high quality parts of their products. To make sure there are no compromises on the quality, Elite Gourmet has multiple manufacturing units around the globe. They also have an extensive variety of products. Besides bread machines, they sell coffee makers, blenders, citrus juicers and much more. Lastlly, Elite Gourmet is a consumer-centric brand and they have a great customer support.


We recommend the Elite Gourmet EBM8103B bread machine for beginners. But we believe it is a great ally, even for the most experienced bakers. And this happens since it comes with a user-friendly design, several menu functions, loaf sizes, and crusts. Also, there is a delay timer you can use when in a hurry, and the 60-minute keep warm setting will let you enjoy your bread for a more extended period.

Overall, using this bread maker will save you a lot of time and money. And you will get the chance to enjoy a nutritious bread recipe every day. All you have to do is read the instructions manual to get a thorough understanding of how the machine works. But we believe that the intuitive LCD display and large viewing window are more than enough to get you started. The Elite Gourmet Maxi Matic is both cost-efficient and a long-term investment. It comes with all the accessories you need to start baking today.

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