Hamilton Beach 29882 Bread Maker Review

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Bread making has really become popular but there are a lot of people who dread the complete process in their kitchen. Many companies understood the need and they came up with this quality bread maker. The next problem was that these bread makers were expensive. To overcome this problem, some of the companies launched affordable versions. Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is one such machine, which is neither bulky or expensive. This bread maker is surely the right purchase for people with less space in the kitchen. Let us check out more details about the Hamilton Beach bread maker.

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Hamilton Beach Bread Maker Review

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a compact bread maker which is capable of baking vertical bread loaves. The bread maker can help you in baking bread in variable capacity. There are several settings available and another important feature that has been incorporated in this bread maker is the presence of removable parts. This makes the bread maker dishwasher safe and cleaning it is very simple and easy. The total weight of this bread maker is 12.75 lbs and in terms of dimensions, they are 16.38 inches x 12.3 inches x 12.75 inches. To get a better idea of this bread maker, let us look into the features that you get.

Settings Available

You get a huge array of settings if you purchase this bread maker. The list is never ending. Still, to give you an idea, you can bake 12 different types of bread using Hamilton Beach Bread Maker. This can be suitable for any kind of taste that you have. The bread that you can bake using Hamilton Beach Bread Maker includes Basic Bread, French Bread, Quick Mode, Gluten Free Bread, Whole Grain Bread, 1.5 lbs Express Baking, 2 lbs Express Baking, Sweet Bread, Dough Only, Jam, Cake, Bake. These are all the 12 settings available and to give you more information about these settings, you must know that it is possible to bake bread in just 58 minutes if you choose the express mode. The company has already mentioned a disclaimer that the quality of bread might not be as good on express mode but well, you are getting bread in just 58 minutes.

Customized Bread

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker lets you customize the bread as per your taste. Moreover, as mentioned earlier, it can also bake Gluten Free bread. This provides you with a healthy choice. Also, the bread maker can help you in baking whole grain bread. Overall, the machine is designed in such a way that you can make thick dough with the help of the machine as well. You also get a recipe booklet with Hamilton Beach Bread Maker and a lot of recipes are included in the booklet.

Lastly, you can also set a 12 hour delay timer to get fresh bread in the morning.

Size and Crust Color

In term of the size of the bread and crust color, you get options to choose from. For the crust color, you can choose between the 3 standard choices available across the complete segment. The good part is that the bread maker can help you with baking bread of 1.5 pounds of 2 pounds as per your requirements.

Bread Pan

The bread pan that comes along with Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a non-stick pan. This means that the residue doesn’t stick to the pan and it is also very easy to clean. To add on to this, the bread pan is dishwasher safe.

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What Makes Hamilton Beach an Awesome Bread Maker?

If you have a small kitchen with not much space for the machines then Hamilton Beach Bread Maker can prove to be the right choice for you. It is cheap and it is also priced right. The machine bakes vertical bread loaves and there are several other advantages of purchasing this bread maker. The best part is that the bread maker lets you customize the recipes as well. With the help of this customization, you can even go ahead and bake gluten free bread for you. Overall, the performance of the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is impressive. To add on to the features, you can even choose the size of the bread. This one feature goes missing in a lot of bread makers but we are glad Hamilton Beach Bread Maker has this feature.


  • Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a true value for money
  • You can bake custom and even Gluten Free Breads from this Bread Maker
  • The machine is quite compact and it easier to find space in the kitchen for this bread maker
  • Cleaning the bread maker is also very easy and at the same time, you will find it very easy to use the bread maker.


  • The machine is a little noisy


Overall, Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is something that you can rely upon and you will not be disappointed. Yes, the first few bakes would be required to get the perfect bread but this machine will surely help you with a good return on investment. What adds on to the feature is the fact that you can bake gluten-free bread as well. This feature makes this bread maker good for a lot of people who prefer healthy bakes. To conclude, we can say that you can surely invest in this bread maker if you do not wish to invest in bulky and expensive options. This will be the right fit for you.

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