How Does a Bread Maker Work? – Beginners Guide 2019

Nothing can beat a freshly made bread. The fragrance of the freshly baked bread is so pure and fresh. Each one of us has had memories of how our grandmother used to bake fresh bread at home and feed us. Such were sweet old childhood memories. However, such days have gone now. In a fast-moving pace which we have entered, nobody has the time to bake fresh bread at home.

But not to worry! Technology is taking over the market through which, it has now become super easy to make our own bread at home without much hassle.

Advantages of baking your own bread at home

Automatic bread making machine has become a life saver to many people now. It offers a variety of advantages, which answers the question that why to use a bread maker. The reasons are as follows:

1. Usage of high-quality ingredients

Making your own bread with the automatic bread making machine gives the luxury to us to use flour of very high quality instead of consuming the bread produced in the bakery.

2. Consumption of fresh bread

It is very important to keep a close check on the food we consume. Bread being one of the staple breakfast or early dinner meal does carry a lot of weight-age on our eating habits. Freshly baked bread is very healthy and natural and adds extra vitamins to our body.

3. Cost-Effective

Thousands of people are now turning their kitchens into bakeries by baking freshly baked bread at home with the help of the automatic bread making machine. It saves a lot of costs, and turns out to be way cheaper for the consumers.

How does a bread maker machine work?

As the name suggests, the bread maker machine is an electric oven which is very compact in nature. In the market, which excess demand there are a huge variety of sizes available. A general bread maker can hold up to a single bread tin. Now the tin is an important component.

The tin is very simple to use and has a unique design as at the bottom it has an axle. The axle and the electric motor are connected to each other through the bottom. Axle also has a paddle which is rooted inside the tin and has a seal which is waterproof. The purpose of such a design is to ensure, that the mixture of the bread does not drop out from the bread maker.

The working of the bread maker is very simple. The paddle needs to be put into the tin and then has to be removed from the bread maker. The user needs to then add the ingredients into the tin. Finally, the tin needs to be put inside the oven. Such an easy task right? This is how the bread maker machine has made our lives easier and more comfortable.

Adding on to the advantage, bread makers also have a glass lid, which allows the user to witness the entire process of making the bread live. Once the bread is made, nobody can stop admiring the fragrance of the freshly baked bread which just snuffles into our nose so naturally.

How to use a bread machine?

Although, automatic bread machine is already very easy to use. However, it does need a certain steps to be followed, which we have mentioned here:

1. Machine Awareness

It is very vital to know the machine you want to use in and out. The machine has a lid, which can be even lifted or shut as per the need. Just right next to the lid, there is a control panel with buttons on it. Inside the machine, there is a bread pan or a bucket.

The bucket of the break works works as a mixing bowl as well as the pan. In the center of the bucket, there is a bread paddle or kneading blade. It is responsible for mixing the dough.

2. Understand the bread bucket capacity

Every bread bucket has a different capacity. A measuring cup is required to be filed with water.

It is important that when the individual chooses a recipe, it is extremely important to match the size of the bread bucket which you have.

3. Familiarity with the settings

It becomes extremely important to understanding the settings of the machine you wish to use. The individual should take a closer look at the button and display screen of the control panel.

Buttons such as Start, stop, Crust color, time or arrow buttons can be seen. First unplug the machine, then plug it back. The machine will be on its default setting now.

4. Assemble all the ingredients

The next step is to assemble all the ingredients together. A few basic ingredients need to be assembled to make bread in a bread machine. Ingredients such as yeast, flour, salt, sugar, fats, liquids etc.

5. Adding of the ingredients in the correct order

One thing is, to mix and bake the dough right away, the other thing is if you wish to program the machine with delay cycle to start when you are away, then the order of the ingredient becomes important.

The ingredients must be added in a way that will keep them inert until the machine begins its mixing. Therefore it is a good idea to get in the habit of adding the ingredients in this way from the beginning.

Now make fresh bread at home…

On a whole, break maker machine has made the lives super easy by saving both our time and cost. In the above text, we mentioned in brief about the advantages of this machine and why this is the apt machine for someone who loves bread but at the same time has a huge time crunch.