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If you’ve heard about the Panasonic SD-BMS105-SW bread machine, then you already know that Panasonic makes amazing bread machines. This time, we’re reviewing another bread maker, the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 bread machine, which has 4 more settings. But that’s not what you’ll notice about it first.

The Panasonic SD-BMT1000 is in purple. Yes, it’s in that deep, reddish, attention-seeking purple. It stands out among the majority of bread machines (and any other kitchen appliances for that matter) that come in white, black, or silver. For the SD-BMT1000, purple is the way to go and if you have a relatively boring-colored kitchen, then this bread machine will immediately be its focal point.

So aside from color and settings, what makes SD-BMT1000 better? Or is it even better? Read on to know more.

Panasonic SD-BMT1000

Product Review: Panasonic SD-BMT1000 Review

Just like the SD-BMS105-SW, the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 is in Japanese. It is only sold in Japanese stores and it’s very hard to get. If you’re not from Japan, then the only two ways you can own this product is when you buy from Amazon or have someone send this machine to you overseas.

You would think that after so many reviews complaining about not having an English manual, Panasonic would create one. Much to everyone’s disappointment, there’s still no English translation of the manual, recipes, and the buttons on the machine. This means that you have to go through the whole translation process. Fortunately, there are a lot of people who bought this that are not Japanese, so there are a lot of reviews and forums that will be helpful for you.

Now, for the settings. The SD-BMT1000 has 4 more settings compared to the SD-BMS105-SW bread machine. Specifically, those settings involve making chocolate and compote. For those of you who didn’t know, compote is a type of dessert where the fruit is preserved or cooked in syrup. It’s like mashed fruit syrup.

On the other hand, the SD-BMT1000 can create a mean chocolate mix. It can make milk chocolate, white chocolate, and even dark chocolate. All you need to do is put the ingredients in, press the desired chocolate setting, and then let it cool in the freezer after it’s cooked. Honestly, Panasonic’s bread machines are so versatile it’s hard to imagine any other bread machine that can top them.

Review Summary

Japan does it again! The Panasonic SD-BMT1000 makes all kinds of food. Besides bread, you can use it for mochi, udon, compote, chocolate, jam, and a lot more. Looking to bake more than bread? This is the ideal bread machine for you.

Performance5 / 5
Quality of Bread4.7 / 5
Features5 / 5
Price3.5 / 5

Pros and Cons of this Bread Maker


  • Can create high-quality bread of all kinds
  • Has a 13-hour delay timer
  • Has an option to bake bread for an hour
  • Can create three types of chocolate
  • Has a large LCD display
  • Has a separate dispenser for fruit and nuts, and yeast
  • Has a total of 34 pre-programmed settings
  • Comes in attention-seeking purple
  • Fast delivery overseas


  • Language barrier in the instruction manual and buttons
  • English manual only available in the Hong Kong Panasonic website
  • Made of aluminum instead of stainless steel
  • No window to see how the bread is cooking

Panasonic SD-BMT1000 Features Overview

34 Pre-Programmed Settings

Panasonic proves that they are the king of bread machines with the SD-BMT1000. It has a total of 34 pre-programmed settings that allows you to make French bread, whole wheat bread, pizza dough, cake, udon, mochi, melon cake, and many more. You can even make chocolate and compote.

Large LCD Display

The large LCD display is found right in the middle surrounded by the buttons in Japanese characters. The LCD is large enough for you to see from a distance how much longer it is for your bread to bake. The contents in the LCD are also very simple, so you won’t be confused about what it actually says. Don’t worry, there’s not a lot of messages in Japanese flashing on the screen.

Separate Yeast and Fruit/Nut Dispenser

Unlike other dispensers, the Panasonic has a separate dispenser for both yeast and fruits and nuts. You can choose to allow the machine to release both or either of the two automatically or you can do it yourself. This is where the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 doubles as a smart machine because it seems to know when exactly it should put the other ingredients.

1-Pound Loaf Capacity

Unfortunately, the Panasonic SD-BMT1000 can only accommodate 1 pound of bread at a time. If you have a big family, this might not be the most efficient and heavy-duty machine that can provide you a 3-pound loaf in just an hour. The loaf it produces is a tall one that looks exactly like commercial bread when you present it horizontally.

Two Kneading Blades

In spite of just having a capacity of 1-pound, this bread machine comes with two kneading blades that ensure every ingredient is mixed right. What’s great about this is that the kneading blades have everything in control, so there won’t be any splattering of ingredients around the inside of the machine.

Set of Baking Tools

Panasonic packs a full product here which includes other items that will help in the overall customer experience. Aside from the usual instruction manual, this bread machine comes with a unique list of Japanese recipes, a removable bake pan, and a measuring spoon. It also has a measuring cup and a pair of oven mitts.

What Should I Know Before Buying?

Where can I find an English manual?

You might ask yourself how you will be able to use these bread machine if all instructions are in Japanese. Here’s a quick solution for that.

There isn’t any manual online for the SD-BMT1000 bread maker. Luckily, there is one for the SD-PT1001. This bread maker is very similar so instructions are almost identical. You can find this manual here.

Is this bread machine better than other Panasonic models?

It became very clear that the SD-BMT1000 is one of the top bread makers. Most likely it could be the best one. That said, the price tag is quite high, and you might be better of buying the Panasonic SD-YD250, if you are looking for another quality bread maker. That said, there’s no arguing that the SD-BMT 1000 is an amazing machine.

Final Thoughts

The SD-BMT1000 is often compared a lot to its previous model, the SD-BMS105-SW, simply because they come from the same family. Nonetheless, the SD-BMT1000 is a more advanced version in terms of settings. Again, there’s a language barrier problem with this appliance. It can be a little bit annoying considering that you have to really look for the English version of the instruction manual. The buttons may not be straightforward so navigating without the English translations can be challenging.

Overall, the SD-BMT1000 is something that every bread and food lover should buy. It is very worth it and affordable given that you can do so much with it. It’s definitely an upgrade from the previous model, but it remains the same in terms of capacity and appearance.

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