SKG Automatic Bread Machine 2lb Review

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SKG Automatic Bread Machine - Gluten Free Whole Wheat Breadmaker

Bread that you can make your own, whether it’s grandma’s reliable sourdough bread recipe or bread with organic ingredients, is always a winner. However, this procedure requires a bit of elbow grease to accomplish. Baking is an exact science thus it can be a pain for some beginners.

Thanks to the wonders of kitchen technology though, we can now rely on bread machines to do all the hard work for us. There are lots of models and brands manufacturing this device right now, and to make your shopping easier, we are offering our review of the SKG Automatic Bread Maker. Let us see if this one has the specs and workings you need.

SKG Automatic Bread Machine - Gluten Free Whole Wheat Breadmaker

Product Review: SKG Automatic Bread Machine

Using the product a few times has made us new fans of creating breads the high-tech way. The SKG device has a good number of benefits that will make it a welcome addition to your arsenal of kitchen tools.

When it comes to the design, this SKG bread making device has a sleek, modern and compact appearance that will not take up so much space on your countertop or cabinets. Its minimal design can also fit a good variety of kitchen furnishings.

This unit is completely automatic and programmable, another highlight of this product.

It has a whopping 19 program settings, the most diverse selection we’ve seen on bread makers. The settings run the gamut from basic, cornbread, cake, French, white bread and even whole-wheat, gluten-free and yogurt settings. The whole-wheat and gluten-free settings are especially beneficial for those who want more fiber or have food allergies to deal with.

Like typical bread makers, the device presents 3 crust color options from Light, Medium and Dark. It includes a 15-hour delay timer so users can set the device to bake bread in the morning, and they can get home to freshly-baked, delicious bread in the evening. Remember though that since this is a slow-baking feature, it is recommended that users not add perishable ingredients (i.e. eggs and dairy products) on it if they set it on the delayed cycle since these items spoil fast.

The bread maker also comes with an hour-long Keep Warm feature which maintains the warmth of the bread. This allows you to focus on other dishes that you want to prepare. The Keep Warm feature is one convenient element of the unit which makes it a practical item for dinner and holiday parties.

Confused when to add nuts, raisins or other similar ingredients? This device is also designed with a beeper to let users know when to put in other bread ingredients.

Its bread pan accommodates standard, vertical-shaped bread loves and is designed with a non-stick coating. It comes with a single set paddle. The bread maker also presents enough room all over the pan for significantly even baking. It’s capable of producing 1 lb., 1.5 lb., and 2 lb. loaves of bread.

Does this machine make a lot of noise during use? Fortunately, this one works hard, quietly. It will not disturb other residents of your home while you go about your bread making duties. Whatever cycle the device tries to accomplish, it will not release loud noises.

Review Summary

The SKG Bread Maker has many advantages. It’s easy for beginners and it can basically make anything from bread to jam. It’s also a preferred bread maker for gluten-free. It has a professional look and uses quality material so it will last long. Definitely money well spent.

Pros and Cons of the SKG Automatic Bread Maker


  • Chic, contemporary look
  • 19 program settings/automatic programmable features
  • Hour-long Keep Warm function
  • 15-hour Delay Timer function
  • 15-minute Power Interruption Recovery function
  • Extensive user manual
  • Parts and accessories warranty for two years


  • Bread pans are not dishwasher-safe
  • Requires manual cleanup
  • Control panel might be hard to read for some

SKG Bread Maker Features Overview

19 program settings

One of the highlights of this device is its wide range of settings for a good variety of breads from standard white bread to gluten-free. It even comes with settings for making jam and yogurt. This is the device for breakfast lovers to have. Even snack-loving individuals will appreciate this; you can make pizza dough out of this unit.

The device will do the most of the steps—users only need to add ingredients, input the program and wait for their bread to bake.

Control panel

User-friendly and features a backlit control screen, but the settings window can be improved upon. It may be a bit of a challenge to read for some.

Lid viewing window

Does not come with internal light compared to more expensive models. Close the lid securely by making sure it is correctly aligned.

1-hour Keep Warm function 

A handy and helpful feature that retains the warmth of your bread for up to an hour.

15-minute Power Interruption Recovery function

It can happen; your area might experience a power outage while you’re waiting for your bread to bake. This convenient feature allows the device to continue where it left off during your baking attempt.

Instruction manual

The SKG Bread Maker gains great points for including a comprehensive and user-friendly manual. It is high in clarity and presents directions that are easy to follow. The cookbook is scant on recipes but you can download more and print recipes from the manufacturer’s website.

Final Thoughts

This is what we have to say about this bread making device. It’s a great entry-level bread maker for its price.

While the SKG Bread Maker is not flawless, its disadvantages are trifling at the very minimum. The downsides won’t really affect the entire performance of the device. Convenient, useful functions like the Keep Warm and Delay Timer along with the 19 program settings make this one a keeper. Highly recommended.

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