West Bend 41410 Bread Maker: A Hi-Rise Programmable Bread Machine

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West Bend 41410 Bread Machine

Kitchen appliance company West Bend has manufactured a new bread maker called “West Bend 41410 Hi-Rise bread machine“. Baking with this programmable bread machine is very enjoyable. In this review we explain why you should buy this product.

This remarkable device will help you make fresh bread in the comfort of your home. It even has a ”keep warm” setting in case you are running late. It has two kneading blades that efficiently knead, so the dough rises quicker.

Important Update 2022: The West Bend 41410 Bread Machine has been discontinued, and is not available anymore through Amazon. You can click here if you want to buy the new West Bend Bread Maker.

Why Choose West Bend 41410 bread maker?

Why should you choose the West Bend bread maker over other similar products? There are a lot of excellent bread making machines currently on the market. There’s even a bread maker that bakes bread out of rice by first making flour out of it. Therefore, you are spoiled for choice if you are planning to buy a bread maker.

West Bend 41410 Bread Machine

A modern bread machine should be able to make better quality bread than you can with your hands. Thanks to West Bend you will have fresh bread in less time.

West Bend is a great business that doesn’t sell only bread makers. We’ve been buying and testing many products from this company over the years. We can recommend many of its products.

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West Bend 41410 Features

The West Bend 41410 bread maker offers as many features as most of the other top bread makers in the market, but is not as expensive. It has a 13-hour delay start cycle, which ensures that you have fresh bread for breakfast, after you’ve set it ready in the evening.

When kneading dough most low-level bread makers cannot be still on a flat surface, but the West Bend 41410 is surprisingly calm. Additionally, unlike other bread makers, the West Bend 41410 makes bread in three sizes, which are 1.5lb, 2.0lb, and 2.5lb.

The maximum time it takes to bake bread is about 3 hours (if you are planning to bake the largest loaf size available). The West Bend 41410 has been preprogrammed with 12 settings that include three crust settings and a gluten-free setting. It comes with a measuring spoon, a measuring cup, and a removable baking pan with dual blades for kneading dough, a manual, and a bread recipe booklet.

When it comes to weight, the West Bend 41410 weighs in at 15.8 pounds, its dimensions are 16.8 by 10.8 by 11.5. Its cooking setting is 630 watts while the power supply needed is 120 AC,60 HZ.


  • Relatively quiet and yet has a powerful motor.
  • Does not wobble or shake on the countertop.
  • Can bake bread in three different sizes.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • Paddles might come free and scrap the bread pan.
  • Soaking the bread pan can cause discoloration of the dough.
  • Kneading paddles stick to the loaf and might give you a hard time coming out.
  • Paddles might slip over their bars and they might gouge the Teflon.


The West Bend 41410 is a fantastic bread-making machine, it makes a traditional sized loaf and is very modern. For instance, the indicator on the display keeps you updated on the stage of the baking process. Unlike other bread makers that can only bake two bread sizes, this West Bend can bake three bread sizes. It doesn’t matter how large your family is, you’ll be able to make plenty of bread with this machine.

It has a sleek, modern and smooth design and actually looks nice on the countertop. The recipes that come with it in the recipe booklet are great to try out. On the top door, a bread-viewing window will allow you to watch as the dough transforms into bread.

The horizontal bread pan ensures you get bread in the same rectangular shape that you are used to. The West End 41410 is a great addition to your kitchen if you enjoy homemade bread.

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