How To Soften Hard Bread

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How To Soften Hard Bread

We all love freshly baked bread! But sometimes, it can get hard too quickly. Before you throw your loaf away, you should try to soften it. You can also use hard bread for another recipe. Personally, we think you should try to soften your hard bread before you do that.

Next, we share our top insights on how to soften hard bread. You’ll notice it’s easier than you expect! So, let’s see what you can do with that bread today!

#1 Use the microwave to reheat hard bread!

An obvious solution to soften hard bread is to use the microwave. This is a popular method among most people since it’s fast and reliable. You can make your bread soft in minutes and restore it to its initial consistency. And even though you might think that warming bread makes it too crispy, it can make it, in fact, soft.

The secret is to use the right temperature for your microwave. Opt for medium temperature and warm your bread for up to two minutes. Ensure you don’t let it inside for too long. Also, you can add a damp paper towel to it and microwave it for another 10 seconds for the best results.

Softening sliced bread

Sliced bread is a common product in most homes. No matter if you use a bread machine or buy your bread, sliced bread can be softened with the microwave. This is the best solution available and can be done faster than you think.

When it comes to softening sliced bread, the process is rather simple. Use a paper towel and position it under your faucet to get it wet. Remove excess water and wrap the towel around a slice of bread. Ensure it covers both sides for the best results.

When your slice of bread is all wrapped up, place it on a microwave-safe plate. Microwave the slice of bread for around 10 seconds. By the end of this cycle, your slice of bread will be extremely soft!

#2 Use the oven to reheat it

The microwave technique is convenient and fast. Yet if you want to soften hard bread like a professional, you should use the oven. The oven offers an improved way to soften and warm your bread. All you have to do is preheat it at 200-degree F.

When the oven reaches the optimal temperature, you should wrap the bread in a damp towel and position the bread on a baking pan. Allow it to sit for 5 minutes and check to see if it is softened. You can leave it for an extra two minutes in the oven if you desire.

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Softening a loaf or baguette

The oven is an excellent solution for softening a loaf or baguette. This is an excellent approach, especially if you love baking bread at home. With the right oven temperature, you can soften hard bread in a matter of minutes.

Place your loaf or baguette under running water for up to 5 seconds. Make sure the cut-side is away from the faucet so that water doesn’t enter. Preheat the oven at 200-degree F and wait until the right temperature is achieved. It is worth mentioning that oven temperature varies depending on the device you use. It might be a good idea to check the manufacturer’s instructions concerning the best temperature for reheating foods.

After the oven is preheated, position the bread in the center of the rack. Warm it consistently, and allow it inside for up to 7 minutes. Our advice is to cook it for up to 12 minutes if your loaf got too wet.

#3 Use the air fryer to reheat it

Recently, the air fryer caught a lot of attention thanks to its ability to cook healthy foods. But there is one unexpected use for it you should consider! An air fryer is an excellent solution to soften hard bread. Some say it’s the best way to do it since it evenly distributes heat and softens your bread.

All you have to do is position your hard bread inside the fryer basket. Set the device at either 2 minutes for 360-degrees F or 4 minutes at 320-degrees F. After that, your bread will be as soft and tasty as it initially was!

The takeaway: preventing the bread from getting stale

The truth is: you can’t prevent your bread from getting hard and stale. Sooner or later, this process will take place. There are many articles online that talk about ”how to soften hard bread”. An other article we particularly loved is the article on

Luckily, there are some useful ways to soften hard bread and enjoy it! We recommend you do proper research to store bread and to extend its lifespan. We’ve already written an article how to store bread machine bread.

You can wrap bread in a baking sheet and store it at room temperature. But if you have leftover bread, you can wrap it tight in a plastic bag and place them in a freezer. Keep in mind that you should consume this bread for up to 2 months.

Anyhow, the three powerful ways to soften hard bread listed above can help you restore the flavor of your bread. It is best to follow expert tips on how to soften hard bread. Pay close attention to the steps listed so that you don’t damage the bread. No matter if you opt for using the microwave, oven, or air fryer, you can rest assured your bread will be softened in a matter of minutes.

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